The winter and summer Olympics continued to expand throughout the 2010s. When the 2018 Winter Olympics were held in PyeongChang, Korea, they included 102 events. Eight years earlier, when the 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, they included 88 events. 
According to NBC Sports, the summer Olympics have held a steady amount of events throughout the last decade, with events being dropped and others added to replace them. That will not be the case, however, when the Summer Olympics occur in Tokyo, Japan. Those Olympics will include 339 events compared to the 302 events held at the 2002 Summer Olympics in London, England.  
Spectators attending the 2020 Summer Olympics will see the addition of surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing and the expansion of BMX events. Baseball and softball will return to the summer Olympics, and 3-on-3 basketball will be played for the first time. Experts expect that breakdancing will be added to the Olympics in 2024. 
The 2022 Winter Olympics will see the addition of big air freestyle skiing for both men and women, and a women’s monobob event will be added. Additionally, mixed-gender teams will compete in short-track-speed-skating-team-relay events, ski jumping, freestyle skiing aerials, and snowboard cross. The addition of these sports for females means that the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, will be the most gender-equal Olympic games in history. 

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