When most people think about California in the summer they tend to think of hot weather and beaches. However, the diverse topography and landscape of the state offers many unique opportunities. During the 2019 ski season, California was also a surprisingly great place to ski all the way up until July.  
During the winter of 2018 and 2019, the California mountains received more than 150% more snow than they normally do. This included nearly 600 inches of total snowfall, which was more than enough to last all winter and well into the spring. It was so much snow that the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows announced that they would stay open until at least July 7.  
The majority of the impressive snowfall came after January 1. At the start of the new year, the total snowfall for the season was only around 67 percent of average. However, this changed quickly when a number of major winter storms impacted the area. By the end of March, the total snowfall for the season was well ahead of the average pace. 
While it provided a lot of great late-season skiing options, it also provided a lot of optimism for the state’s water crisis. Once the snow melts, it will soon become part of the total water system across the state, which should help to replenish after recent droughts. 

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