The United States is well known for having many great areas of the country that are ideal for skiing. This includes the eastern part of the country, which has some of the top resorts and mountains in the world. For the 2019/20 winter ski season, it was widely expected that the resorts in Vermont and other parts of the northeast would open first. However, this year, the first resort to open surprised many people
This year, located in the cozy section of western North Carolina, the Cataloochee ski resort was opened in early November. This made it the first resort to open in the eastern region of the United States. While Cataloochee usually provides skiers with several great months of snow and skiing, this year was a bit of an anomaly.  
The main reason why Cataloochee was able to open so soon is due to a random weather event that provided it with an unexpected early snow and cold weather. While it is normally rather mild in early November near the resort, the 2019 fall brought some surprisingly cool and temperatures that dropped well below freezing several days in a row. This allowed the resort to make enough snow that they were able to open three different runs. 

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