While Netherland native Jan-Willem Driessen, who moved to the United States in 2012, is no longer with Black Diamond, he gave an interview to Total Retail Talks on how Black Diamond transitioned itself to become a direct-to-consumer brand. His insights may help others who plan to take their company on a similar journey. Black Diamond decided to concentrate more on their direct-to-consumer efforts because they saw a huge advantage in engaging more closely with skiers to learn their wants and needs. They also hope to identify new target audiences who want their products. In making the move, the company also hopes to lower its customer acquisition costs and to increase the life cycle of each customer.  
Black Diamond chose to work with Lexar to overcome hurdles that they anticipated encountering along the way. The company also was careful to price its products to wholesalers so that they would not harm their business. Through the efforts of Lexar, the company was able to gain more insights into its current customer base while managing the costs of the transition. Lexar was able to provide them with more data than the company currently had about the people using their products. Then, Black Diamond was able to create digital marketing programs to increase the number of leads that they received and to increase the cart value of each company.  
Two marketing ideas proved extremely efficient. The first was to offer sweepstakes and other prize programs to people who were willing to give Black Diamond their contact information. The company also worked hard to gather additional email addresses through other channels. Then, they sent skiers personalized emails based on consumer behaviors. 

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