The Russian national women’s ski team coach says that the country must use the resources, such as Rosa Khuto, that were built for the 2014 Winter Olympics or lose the support of the government and the Russian residents. Coach Anastasia Popkova says in the AP News, however, that is a massive challenge in the country where business people from Central and Western Russian seem to love cross-country skiing. Still, these residents show little interest in ski racing. 
As an example of the lack of enthusiasm for alpine skiing, Popkova points to the country’s coverage and lack of interest for the World Cup that was scheduled to be held at Rosa Khutor. Before bad weather forced the event to be canceled, about 50 people showed up to watch the opening ceremonies, but very few stuck around to watch world-class skiers draw for positions because no one seemed to know their names. Leading up to the event on national television, sportscasters covered the University Games in Siberia instead of the World Cup championship. 
Different facilities are trying unique approaches to try to get more people interested in ski racing because Popkova says that the future of the industry relies on more people becoming interested. He also says that the more people that are interested, the more likely Russia is to develop a top team in the future. At Sochi, officials are looking to find ways to build enthusiasm for the sport and keep in fresh in the minds of Russian executives. Officials at Rosa Khutor are hoping that those skiing there now have such a great time that they want to bring their children back to enjoy the spot where they made fond memories as a child. 
It may be decades before the success of these plans is known. Russians may someday discover that their national sport is not football, but that is ski racing instead, but that day is a long way away. 

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