The Men’s freestyle skiing moguls event occurred on Thursday evening in Pyongchang. Canada’s Mikael Kingsbury finished at the top of the leaderboard in the first qualification run, posting a score of 86.07. Close behind him sit Aleksandr Smyshliaev of Russia (83.93) and Dmitriy Reikherd of Kaakhstan (81.23). The American Troy Murphy finished fourth with a score of 80.95. The remaining six athletes to make the qualifying round’s top ten are:


  1. Ikuma Horishima of Japan: 80.35
  2. Daichi Hara of Japan: 80.01
  3. Pavel Kolmakov of Kazakhstan: 79.98
  4. Philippe Marquis of Canada: 77.77
  5. Matt Graham of Australia: 77.28
  6. Sacha Theocharis of France: 76.55


In most cases, the scores are very close—less than 0.5 separates fifth and sixth place, currently. The remaining skiers who did not finish in the top 10 still have an opportunity to qualify for the finals; the second qualifying round on February 12th the yield another 10 finalists. Americans Casey Andringa, Bradley Wilson, and Emerson Smith still have a chance at stardom.


Kingsbury was a favorite for this event and is already off to an excellent start, leading the pack by more than 2 points. Philippe Marquis is currently competing despite tearing his right ACL a month prior to this qualifying round but has still finished strong. Though he is up for the challenge, he said that the moguls themselves will shift each day with additional skiing and traffic: “It will be a great challenge for me and I’ll have to be extremely smart with my decision making. I’ll probably have to adjust my speed and jumps accordingly.”


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  1. I’m not surprised Kingsbury finished first. He’s an incredible skier—can’t wait to see what this competition looks like.

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